I’M GOING AROUND WARMIA Jerzy Safijański Photography
I’M GOING AROUND WARMIA Jerzy Safijański Photography

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For me photography is as an antidote to the daily struggles in the contemporary busy, hysterical world. It is like hiding in a place in the real, true, simple and honest world. This world is called “Photo”. I register different aspects of life. Images, this is the name of my photos assigned by my friends, which I try to create, are not the result of the advanced image processing programs. It is rather the time of day and year, and therefore the light is the main painter of these scenes. Mist is an often helper, because it acts as a huge diffuser, which distracts rays. I am just a recorder of these phenomenon, and I only slightly stress, what is worth to stress. If ever take a photograph, on which a viewer feels fragrance surrounding a scene, finds itself inside, hears voices, which I hear when shooting, I will be a fulfilled photographer. Apparently this is not possible because a flat, two-dimensional image is not able to provide as many experiences. It all depends on sensitivity of a viewer. It is just enough to hit the image memorised by a viewer, and all senses come to life. I wish myself a much such shots as possible.

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Jerzy Safijański
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